Rose's Background


Rose was born in the wild during a storm in the mountains of Northern New Mexico (really! no hospital, no house - just nature).  She has been running ever since she can remember. She grew up in her birthplace with her 5 siblings and her parents.  They grew a lot of their own food, and didn’t have TV or running water. She didn’t go to school, and spent most of her days doing chores and running around on the mountain side.

When she was nine, her and her siblings were required by the state to attend school.  They became foster children and were lucky to be placed in Espanola, New Mexico with a wonderful kindergarten teacher, Ida.  A real live angel, if there ever was one. 

Rose started school in 3rd grade not knowing the alphabet.  She skipped 4th grade and was put into the correct grade for her age.  She used her athleticism to connect between those two worlds. The one on the mountain with no social interactions to the one of being surrounded by other kids and people.

She ran track and cross country throughout junior high and high school.  She was district champion in the 800 meter and mostly placed in the top 10 during cross country races, helping her high school team place 2nd in state year after year (those Gallop runners were just too good).  She continued running in college and had multiple successful 1st place finishes in cross country.  

Rose ran and lived in Spain and South Korea.  She completed the Annapurna Circuit, a trek of approximately 145 miles with the highest point, Thorung La, reaching 17,769 feet. It is located within the mountain ranges of central Nepal. She completed a 2 week long trek in the Pyrenees mountains in Andorra and Spain and a 1 week trek in Picos de Europa in northern Spain.

She has traveled to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Nepal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Andorra, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago in addition to living in Spain and South Korea.

She graduated from Cornell College with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in Biology.  She has taught English as a second language, worked as a Flight Attendant while putting herself through Flight Training.  She has been a Flight Instructor and has worked as a Navigation Information Analyst (charting the skies for pilots).  She is a commercially rated pilot.

She has given birth to 3 beautiful, full of energy kids, including twins (yes, that was and is a challenge)! She lives in Meridian, Idaho with her husband, Kevin and 3 children - twins Aidan and Allie and older sibling, Arie.

She hopes that Bold Runners will keep you motivated to run.