Challenge FAQ

1. What is a challenge? What's the difference between a race and a challenge?

Challenges are not a race, but a fitness challenge to complete a much longer distance than a race.  Challenges are a good way to keep you running day after day in order to build up a lot of mileage.  For example, a challenge might consist of running the distance of a state. 

2. What distance (race or challenge) should we choose?

Currently, we offer the "Heart to Heart 5K" race, but will be adding more races and challenges.

You can choose any distance you are comfortable with.  

For a race, you can complete the mileage all at once or add it up over time depending on your ability.  

For a challenge, you will not be able to complete the distance at one time.  For every run you do, the distance will be added together to complete the total distance of the challenge. 

3. How do I run a challenge? 

Challenges are not a race.  It is not about speed and you will not be able to complete the distance in one run.  

Challenges are meant to help you feel motivated to run as much as you can.

There are several ways to complete the mileage.

1. Just 1: Complete the mileage all by yourself. Your daughter can complete the mileage all by herself.

2. A team of 2: Complete the mileage together.  You and your daughter will track your mileage and add up her mileage and your mileage to complete the total mileage.

3. Build a team of 4.  Complete the mileage with a group of 4.  Add up each persons mileage to complete the total mileage.  

4.  Does each person on the team have to run the same amount of mileage?

No. Each individual can run any amount of mileage. The total mileage for the team should add up to the total challenge mileage.

When your abilities are beyond your daughters and you want to challenge yourself, we suggestion:

  1. Complete your more demanding run, then grab your daughter to add a little more mileage and to get her running.  For example, if you run 4 miles by yourself and then 1 mile with your daughter, add up the total mileage to count toward the challenge.  Add your total mileage (4+1) and their total mileage (1) to get a total of 6 miles toward the challenge. 

5. What races and challenges are available?

See all current Races & Challenges.